15th of February 2018 08:41 PM
We are hoping to open in time for the Easter holidays. Please let us know if you can help us get the pool ready.
12th of January 2018 08:33 AM Link
For those missing our pool at the moment... Here’s a solution!! 😂😂😂
23rd of November 2017 07:37 PM Link
A bit more lost property... This time a bag, 2 pairs of goggles & a pair of socks, all possibly belonging together... & heading to a charity shop on Monday if no one claims them!
Message image
22nd of November 2017 05:55 PM Link
LAST CHANCE to claim pool lost property! Grey Mountain Warehouse fleece - age 7-8, Black George top - age 6-7 & Cream Young Dimension cardigan - age 6-7. If no one claims them, they will be going to Charity on Monday!
Message image
26th of October 2017 11:32 AM
Many thanks to Tim Burrough who kindly donated £150 to our pool this week. We will put the money towards new flooring around the outside of the pool. We hope to apply for a grant for this too, but donations always much appreciated & will help us to keep improving our lovely pool. 😊
24th of October 2017 07:48 PM Link
Just a few days left now & then we’ll be closing the doors for the winter months! As the weather turns colder, it will become impossible to keep the water & enclosure up to a useable temperature. Our wonderful team of volunteers, who look after the pool, are also in need of a well-earned rest!

We will close Sunday night, but can still offer the following:
Wednesday 25th October: 1-3 & 5-6
Thursday 26th October: 4-6
Friday 27th October: 2-3 & 4-6
Saturday 28th October: 11-4 & 5-6
Sunday 29th October: 4-5

We will let you know when the pool reopens, but it’ll probably be March or April 2018.

To book the pool this week, go to
17th of October 2017 04:28 PM Link
Shall we do this before we close for the winter?! 😂😂😂
16th of September 2017 09:02 PM Link
Pool free 4-5 & 6-7 tomorrow - Sunday 17th September. Also plenty of availability after school during the week (3.30-6.30pm). Pool & enclosure still nice & warm too! 😊To book go to
11th of September 2017 06:15 PM Link
Anyone recognise these goggles? They were left in the preschool building a week or two ago. Also, has anyone walked off with the hand towels from the preschool building. 2 or 3 have gone missing this summer...
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9th of September 2017 07:31 AM Link
12-1 today - Saturday 9th September - is now available. To book, go to
2nd of September 2017 09:55 PM
Many thanks indeed for all the help today, shifting our accumulated pool rubble & rubbish. Andy Stewart kindly organised a skip for us, Jon Roberts of Roberts Drainage kindly lent us a digger & dumper, Darren Bacon & his crew - Jessica Rawlings, Jorden Ellis, Julie Bacon, Stuart Parr, Daniel Bacon, Chloe Bacon, Ricardo Ferrari, Sophia Ferrari, Filippo Ferrari - for all their help shifting the stuff & loading the skip, & to Emma Black & Dennis Parker for tirelessly stacking away the spare pool tiles we want to keep! Finally, apologies to our hirers today, who may have found the site noisier than usual!
31st of August 2017 04:39 PM
Please can people make sure that they don't overstay their welcome at the pool & leave at the end of their time slot, so that the next hirers can come in. There have been a few occasions recently, where the next hirers have had to wait & have then lost some of their allotted time. Please remember that your time slot includes changing time. If you don't leave yourselves enough time to change afterwards, please at least vacate the enclosure, so that the next hirers can come in & then perhaps make use of the preschool building/toilets to finish changing. Thank you very much for your cooperation with this.
31st of August 2017 04:28 PM
12-1 is now available on Friday 1st September. Someone had booked for 2 hours, but now only wants one, so I can't easily release the slot. If you want it, message us here or text 07968-257678.
26th of August 2017 03:58 PM
If hirers are taking/borrowing the hand towels from the preschool building, please can they return them sometime? Two have now gone missing...
25th of August 2017 09:57 PM
11-12 also available tomorrow - Saturday 26th August - but please message or text (07968-257678) me if you'd like this slot, because I can't easily release it online.
25th of August 2017 08:23 PM Link
3-5pm tomorrow - Saturday 26th August - is now available. To book an hour or two, go to
24th of August 2017 02:34 PM Link
2-3pm on Tuesday 29th August is now free! To book, go to
24th of August 2017 09:36 AM Link
1-2pm TODAY - Thursday 24th August - is now available. To book, go to
22nd of August 2017 08:56 PM Link
Friday 25th August 2-4pm now available. To book an hour or two, go to:
20th of August 2017 03:04 PM Link
4-6pm now available on Thursday 24th August. To book an hour or two, go to

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